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Sometimes in life we are presented with unforeseen and ultimate challenges. Sometimes in life we make mistakes that we can never forget about. And sometimes in life there are people in this world who will take advantage of us during our weakest times.  These challenges teach us to be strong, they teach us to never give up, and they teach us that even though our worlds have been forever turned upside down, that we have to keep going, we have to keep fighting, we have to rise above. 

The hardest part of learning from our mistakes is when it effects our children.  A child, who cannot understand or comprehend why his world seems so confusing, why his world has so many holes in it, and why someone would spend a lifetime lying to him about who he is and were he came from.  The child is not the one who made the mistake, yet he is the one who has to life with the consequences just as much as we do.

Our lives have been forever impacted by this little boy, Trent Lee.  He has brought us all such joy because we have known him, and many tears because we miss him.  And even though time will continue to pass, and we will constantly be reminded of everything we are missing out out, Our family, Trent's Mommy-Tiffany, his Aunts- Steffi, Keara, & Leah, his grandparents-Grandma Jacky, Grandpa Kevin, Grandpa Tim, Great Grandma & Grandpa Collisi, Great Grandpa Dearing, Mimi & Great Grandpa Rocky, His cousins - Jeffery, Harmony, Vivica, Terrance, & Donna, a, long with a huge extended family of great aunts and uncles and dozens more cousins, we all think of him often, we all love him, we all miss him, and we all know that one day we will be reunited with him.  Knowing that we keep going, we keep fighting, and we will always be here, because we never left in the first place.


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